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The Following  is collection of words about  inspiration that can be used as a reference so that we are more motivated at work. Basically, work is necessity of each individual. There are various motives for someone to work. But most of the main motives for someone to work is to support their necessity in life. By working, they will get a reward as income that use for  them  self and family.

For someone who already has work experience, it is not impossible that the person becomes a lot of learning in the company where he works then opens his own business with capital from their saving during their work as knowledge capital, networking and financial capital.

Yes, many people said about work , that if you want to survive, then work. But in fact, still many people who do not want to work due to several factors, whether internal or external factors.

Many people feel lazy to work for several reasons. For example, because of the location is too far, task work, or maybe lazy to work because there is pressure from outside parties such as friends who are not good, or an emotional boss. The other thing is because the financial needs have been fulfilled by their own business or investment, but they still need to work because the money will run out if not managed properly.

Well, so that spirit of work remains high, here are words of inspiration that can increase your enthusiasm and motivation in carrying out your work. Come to see!

Inspiration word for work motivation

Love your work

In order to stay motivated in doing work, you must love the work you do. Yes, someone will always be passionate about working even though the work done is not easy. Because, he always like or love his job. So, the thing you need to do is instill a love to the work you have today.

A famous figure named Charles M. Schwab said :

“Someone who doesn’t love his job, but only working for money will not make money or find pleasure in life.” – Charles M. Schwab

If you work only for the purpose of earning money, you cannot enjoy your work. What you will feel is just fatigue. Try changing the mindset to the goal. It is undeniable that one of the reasons we work is because we want to get money. However, don’t just aim at that. You also must to have another vision in work. Let’s say you work in learning to love your current job so that you will work happily. When you feel happy at work, feeling tired will not feel like torturing you. You can enjoy your work without being forced..

“Don’t hire someone who does work for money. But hire someone who works because he likes the job. “- Henry David Thoreau

Well, words of inspiration that contain the meaning of motivation in this work can be applied to those of you who are looking for employees. Don’t just look for people who want to earn money while working. However, you better look for someone who likes the job you offer. This type of person will develop more easily because he loves his job. But if you choose someone who works just to get money, he will be difficult to develop. In fact, when he felt the salary was not so big, he would immediately get out of the job and look for another. Surely you want to get someone who is loyal to his job because it will be easier for you to guide him..

“In the property industry you don’t work, because you have to stay in the middle of the job and enjoy it.” – Benny Lo

A famous shopkeeper named Benny Lo also said about work motivation. Well, you have to love your work so you can enjoy it. Doing the work are you like will feel much easier than doing a job that you don’t like at all.

“Every effort if it’s done using love must be have an extraordinary result.” – Rangga Umara

The next work motivation came from Rangga Umara. He said that love of work will make the results obtained more optimal than without feeling love for work. Well, if you want to get maximum results in work, let’s love your work!

“Don’t be confined to work, even if it’s not enough to finance your peace.” – Mario Teguh

Mario Teguh gives wise advice so that we become motivated to work by saying that you should not be trapped into a job that cannot make you feel peaceful. So when you are in a job position that you don’t enjoy, there are two choices you can take. First, try to love your current job. However, if you really can’t love your current job, it’s better to go and find another job. You have to get the job you love so you can enjoy life.

“Do the work that you like and money will come automatically.” – Paul Hanna

Paul said that you no need too much effort to get money because with your hobby, you can get money. Something that’s very happy if you get money for the work you love. Of course, you will not feel like working for money, but you feel you get a fantastic bonus because you have enjoyed the work plus getting money.

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Do The Job Right Now

Never delay work both big and small jobs. If postponed, the work will not be finished, it will accumulate even more. You will have difficulty completing each job just in time if you don’t immediately work on every job that comes to you.

Here are some motivation words so that you will have more spirit to do work as soon as possible without delaying it.

“The most difficult work to solve is work that never starts.” – Rangga Umara

If you start working on a difficult job, eventually the work will be completed even if it takes an extraordinary struggle. However, the work will never be completed if it never starts. So, Rangga Umara said that the most difficult work is work that never starts because this work will never be done. This can be a motivation for us to immediately start the work that we have planned. Take Action!

“Never delay what can be done today to do tomorrow. Because if you like it today, you can do it again tomorrow. “- (Anonymous)

A hard worker abstains for him to delaying a job. Delayed work will accumulate so you need more extra effort to complete a growing number of jobs. In terms of quality, the work done in a hurry situation, the result will not be maximal. The lesson to motivate work that we can take here is not to delay work and immediately doing what can be done today. Put the priority work first and then do other work.

 “Something that hasn’t been done, often seems impossible, we just believe that we have done it well” – Evelyn Underhill

Sometimes someone feels desperate for work that hasn’t been done yet. He already considered that he could not do it before trying. But after trying and trying as much as possible, then the belief came. The words above motivate us to always be sure of what we have planned to do.

Do it whole heartedly

Do not be influenced by low assumptions about the work you are currently doing. Even though your work is often underestimated, you can’t go along with it to underestimate your work. Remember that that’s where you get the money you can use for you and your family’s needs.

Success doesn’t just come but through a very long process. He must do work from below. Well, you can achieve success starting from doing small things first. Someday, there will be extraordinary results. In fact, you can switch to working on big things that you might never have thought before.

“Doing a small job well will train us to be able to complete the big work more perfectly.” – (Anonymous)

Never consider trivial a small job. From small work, you will practice how to solve it well. Like a question, you will answer the easy questions first at a lower level. Only when you rise to a higher level, the questions given will be much more difficult. Well, the motivation to work this one can be used as an encouragement in work. You have to learn to complete the small work perfectly, this is an exercise for you to be able to complete a much bigger job. Without training from the easy, you can’t complete the big job perfectly.

“I want to do great and noble tasks, but my main duty is to do small tasks like doing great and noble tasks.” – Helen Keller

The next work motivation came from Helen Keller. He likens that small work as well as great and noble work. For that, you should not underestimate any small work you have to do. Do well every job you need to do even though the job is small (not large). Every great work that comes to us is the result of the quality of the little jobs we have done. This can also affect the quality of your work when it comes to big work.

“Do everything well, then everything good will follow.” – Judge Judd

Don’t give up when you only get a small job that is often underestimated by others. No need to care about other people who will only waste your time. Believe that if you are able to do the work that you get right now, the next, much bigger job will come to you.

“There is no future in any job. The future lies in the man who holds the jobs” – George Crane

Everyone must want to have a bright future with their work. When you are in a position of work that is not brilliant, you can use the word motivation as your encouragement. Remember that it is not your work that will lead to a bright future. However, the quality of yourself that can make you able to reach the bright future you want. So, when you are in a lower level job position, keep working until you can move up to the next level. There is no useless effort.

“There are no menial job. There is only menial attitudes. “- William Bennett

Do you still consider that your work is low? Eliminate this assumption because as long as the work is lawful and does not harm others, the work is noble. Even though your task is hard and rough, don’t ever assume that your work is low.

Indeed, there are still many people who are wrong in looking at a job. Not infrequently they consider certain types of work as lowly jobs. Many people choose unemployment rather than work with low jobs because they feel embarrassed to be ridiculed by their friends. It is precisely this low attitude. Work motivation above likens people who consider their jobs to be inferior to the work .

“Successful people have learned to make themselves do the things they have to do when it really has to be done, whether they like it or not” – Aldus Huxley

The struggle is indeed very bitter. The sweetness is only felt after you are able to achieve what you want. The obligation to complete a job must still be done even if you don’t like the job. There have been many successful people doing this. They always do the work they have to do, no matter they like it or not.

You should also do this way to be successful like them. When there is work you have to do, get it done right away. No matter that you really don’t like the work that you have to complete. The demands of professionalism at work do make you have to be versatile.

“Learn amazingly successful people and you will find, they are inspired by enthusiasm for their work, which is contagious. They are not only excited about what they do, but also make you excited. “- Paul W. Ivey

The next work motivation came from Paul W. Ivey. He gave his opinion on how to get success can be done by learning it from successful people around you. Observe how they achieved success as your inspiration at work.

This method is more effective because you have real encouragement. Try to get along with people who have been successful in their careers. The infectious nature you will get so provoked into a person who always strives for success. Yes, everyone has a different way of achieving success. At the very least, when you learn from someone, you know the steps he is taking and you can imitate his tracks. Always instill an attitude of enthusiasm in work, no matter how difficult it is.


“Whatever the task of our lives, do well. Someone should do his job so well that those who are still alive, those who are dead and those who have not been born cannot do it better “- Martin Luther King

The next work motivation came from Martin Luther King. He said that we must always do every task and obligation as well as possible. Even the quality of the work we have to do is likened to other people unable to do it better than the results we have done. This is what is called maximum results.

Regardless of small or large tasks, always force yourself to do it with all your heart. In the beginning, there needs to be coercion from within yourself, but over time you will get used to doing it with joy.

“We judge ourselves by measuring what we feel capable of doing, others measure us by measuring what we have done” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In this life, often other people only see the results we do. They don’t want to see how much struggle and effort to do it. They also don’t care how much you are able to do the job.

For this reason this work motivation is so inspiring that we must continue to work to achieve maximum results because other people or our superiors only want the best results

This work motivation is so inspiring that we must continue to work to achieve maximum results because other people or our superiors only want the best results. There is nothing that cannot be done as long as we do our best. These words also motivate us not only to work hard but also to work intelligently.

 “In business … this is sometimes reversed! Business is supposed to support God’s work, not God’s work to support business. “- Zig Ziglar

This work motivation is very important. Even though everything is money, don’t forget the Almighty God. The best job is work that is in accordance with His way. Don’t turn upside down.

Those are a few collections of words, motivation, work motivation that can be used to encourage yourself. Hope it will be useful so that you can achieve success easily. Don’t be afraid to start from the bottom because success can be achieved with extraordinary struggle. Always cultivate the spirit of work because this attitude of spirit is the foundation for you to always work better. Without enthusiasm to work, the results of the work you do will not be maximized.

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