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The following is the advice and wise words of the past in order to stay motivated. The past is indeed a part of one’s life. Everyone has a bad or good past. Bad pasts often haunt our steps to move forward to achieve a better life. The thing to do is when having a bad past, try to have a high spirit of achieving a better future life. Don’t let the bad past happen again. In fact, this can be a lash to be more active and enthusiastic in achieving a brilliant future.

People who only regret what has happened will not be able to rise to a better life. Everyone has the opportunity to change better than before. Maybe it’s not easy when going through the phase of change from bad to good. However, in order to get a better future, you don’t need to worry about that. Step with a solid heart. You don’t need to pay attention to everyone who underestimates you for a mistake you have made in the past. Humans place sin. When he is able to become a better person than before, believe that Allah has prepared His best place.

Past Quotes of Wisdom from Famous People


Step by using the future as a reference

“Awareness makes you able to observe your thoughts and actions so that you can live from the actual choices that exist today, rather than living with programs from the past.” – T Harv Eker


Life goes on. Don’t let yourself live in the shadow of the past, making it difficult for you to move. The thing you have to do is focus on what is happening in the present. No need to look back because what you have to pursue is in front of your eyes. It’s okay to look back, but this is just a race to be even more excited about achieving a better future life. People are said to be successful in living life if they are able to show a better development than before.

Eliminate remorse for the past

“Don’t look at the past with remorse, don’t look at the future with fear, but look around with full awareness” – James Thurber

Excessive remorse for the bad past conditions that have happened has a negative impact on your life. Instead, eliminate the feeling of regret so that you can try to achieve a brighter future. Your job is to achieve the future with happiness. No need to feel afraid to reach it because with perseverance and struggle, you can achieve what you want to get. You can certainly go through every trial and obstacle that is facing.

Make a decision wisely

“History is the past. Take decisions based on the future. “- Greg S. Reid

In make a decision, you must consider it with full maturity. Do not make a wrong decision because the decision will have an impact on the life to come. That’s why you should consider the future when you want to make a decision.

Everyone has a past

“There are no failed people who have no future and no successful people who have no past.” – Rangga Umara

Every people has a past. It is from past time that one can rise in a successful future. Without a downturn in the bottom position from the past, someone will not understand how it feels to fight. The struggle from zero is very beautiful if it is enjoyed by every process. In fact, when you reach the point of glory, there will be something very special that you can get. Make the past an encouragement to achieve a more special life.

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Wise in responding to the past to face the future

“I learned from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on this moment.” – Donald Trump

So that you can achieve success, the thing to do is learn from the past. Failures that you have experienced will save a lot of meaning that you can take lessons. Without have experience in the past, you will not know what your mistakes are. Here, you must take the opportunity to learn. Don’t waste this opportunity because you can get many valuable lessons. Remember, the past is not to be regretted but to be used as an afterthought because there are many lessons and meanings contained in it.

Have a future that you can still achieve

“The past cannot be regained, even though we can learn from it; we don’t have a future yet but we have to plan it.The time is now. All we have is today. “- Charles Hummell


Time can’t spin back. The thing you need to do is use the remaining time you have to reach a bright future. Because time cannot be recalled, of course you cannot change the dark past you have ever done. No need to be discouraged. Even though the past cannot be changed, you can still improve it by doing everything that is better than before. You can plan for the future. If you already have an unpleasant past, it’s time you plan for a beautiful future. If you have planned it, start your day by doing what you really should do. This is the best way to reach your life goals in the future.

Remember that there is still a beautiful future for you

“No matter how bad and dull your past is, your future is still pure.” – Mario Teguh

If you have a bad past, do not continue to dissolve in sadness. Be excited in living this life because you still have a beautiful future. Everyone has the opportunity to get a happy, successful, and more beautiful future than before. However, not everyone can achieve it. Only those who try hard to achieve a brilliant future that is able to reach that peak.

Everyone has a past and a future

“Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future. “- Oscar Wilde

Life will continue to run even though it is very difficult to pass because various kinds of trials come over. If you want to get a better life, you have to live a better way. Every person born in this world must have a past even though he is a very good person. Conversely, someone who has a dark past has a beautiful future. Just how do you make a great effort to achieve well.

The past can never be forgotten

“You will not be able to forget the past, because you must remember what you must forget first.” – Mario Teguh

Forgetting the past is difficult. It cannot be done easily. It will be an important part of life, the past as bitter as anything will be remembered. Even so, people who can address the dark past can get unexpected success. Don’t be mistaken, as bad as human to be , he has the opportunity to change better as long as the breath is still blowing. For this reason, if you have a bad past, you don’t need to try to erase it so you can get a bright future. Because, this will make your steps even harder because you do things that are difficult to do. It’s different if you make the past as an encouragement to be able to change for the better.

No need to blame yourself for too long

“No matter how dark your past is, your future is still holy. Forgive yourself, and move on. “- Mario Teguh

Many people always blame them selves when they have a bad past. Although only a past, life was often associated with life today. As human beings, there must be a deep sense of regret. However, you must be able to forgive yourself for living better. If you still live in the shadows of the past, you will find it difficult to plan a beautiful future before your eyes. It’s time you forgive yourself and start organizing your life. One of the best ways to make amends in the past is to improve lives to have a much better future.

Be wise in responding to the past, present and future

“Don’t look at the past by grieving, he won’t come back again. Face the present wisely and welcome the shadow of the future with doubt and with courage. “- H. W. Longer Fellow


The past must be used as a valuable lesson in one’s life. However, do not grieve for the dark past. Don’t think that you want to go back to that time, and improve it so that that time never happens. This is just an empty hope because time will continue to run without being able to spin backwards. Never mind, let that happen because it already happened. Regret often comes behind and haunts someone’s life. If you are still filled with remorse, slowly remove the feeling. There is no point lamenting something that has happened. The best thing you should do is face today wisely. Today and tomorrow is the right time to change your life far better than life in the past.


Take the best experience from the past for the future

“Learn from the past, live for the future. The important thing is not to stop asking questions. – Albert Einstein

As good as someone, surely he has a past. Humans are the place of sin so it is very natural to have a mistake that might be very detrimental to his life. Because of this, many people feel insulted about themselves. However, not infrequently people do not care about the mistakes that have been made. Usually, people who regret past mistakes can improve their lives much better. It’s a pity if you don’t think about the future to come. Start knitting a beautiful future by learning about past experiences.

Reflecting from the past

“Sometimes the meaning of happiness can happen because we see the past and bring it to the future to reflect on our current lives.” – Agnes Davonar

If you want to be happy, you can start reflecting on past life. When your life is better than past life, you will feel grateful. This is a way that you can always feel happy for the pleasure. The slightest change must be grateful because over time these changes will have a big impact.

Past doesn’t Come Back

“Clockwork will turn to the left, then suddenly I cry, then laugh. This fact is just imagination. That period still doesn’t come back. “- Rohmatikal Maskur

Remember that the clock is always turning to the right, he can’t possibly turn left. You can only imagine as if the past returned. However, it is all a mere fantasy. The past is just a memory that cannot be returned. He can only be present in the shadow of the mind.

Don’t live with the past

“If you want to be happy, don’t let the past bother you. You can look back, but don’t bring it back. “- Nazril Irham

Do you know what a happy key? If you want to live happily, don’t let the past disturb your peace. Bad past is just a memory. That period becomes a valuable lesson in order to lead a better life. The thing that must be the handle of life is never to repeat the same mistakes as mistakes that have been made in the past. Repairing yourself is not as easy as imagined. However, with a high sense of enthusiasm, believe that you are able to get through it well.

Be wise by addressing the past and the future appropriately

“We are become wise not by our past memories, but by responsibility for our future.” – George Bernard Shaw

Be responsible people. Everyone has responsibility even though only to them self. For example, responsible to raise a bright future & make it come true. The future will not come just like that. If you want to succeed in the future, try to achieve it from now on.

Learn from the past

There’s many valuable lessons from the past


“Learn from the past, because that’s where God gave lots of cheats for future examinations.” – Alit Susanto

True, people say, experience is the most valuable teacher because someone will be much smarter in addressing the present life for the future from his past experience. Well, you can do it too. Learning about many things can be done from the past you have. The past holds many valuable lessons that are very unfortunate if you don’t want to take lessons from him.

Don’t fret about the past

“We should not worry about the past, nor should we be worried about the future. The wise man only thinks of the present. “- Chanakya

All happened, let it pass. You don’t need to regret and sad so deeply for a long time. The past is not to be troubled. However, the past must be used as valuable learning material. Despite having a bad past, believe that the future will be better if prepared early. Make a plan about what you want to achieve. If you have determined it, make a plan about how to achieve that goal.

Here the advice and quotation of past wise words from the characters that can be used as material for reflection and the positive side can be taken. Hope it will be useful. Live for the present and the future.Make the past experience to be a valuable lesson material.

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