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Certainly, everyone has hope to have a beautiful future. However, that hope cannot be taken for granted without any effort and struggle. What will happen in the future certainly does not escape from  what  happened  today. If you want to achieve the future as you wish, you must make careful planning from an early age. Because to realizing the future must go through a long process and not easy.

The following are some collection of wise words from famous figures that can make you get inspiration about realizing a bright future. Let’s immediately discuss just a few wise words.


Wise Words about Future

There will definitely be something beautiful after the test

“The rainbow that comes after the rain is the promise of nature that bad times have passed and the future will be fine.” – Windry Ramadhina

When you experience bad things, don’t despair. The thing you have to do is to keep fighting and fixing the bad things so that they will change into something beautiful. This is a picture of the effort to achieve a better or happier future. You have to try to change what happened today, tomorrow and then get better. It’s okay to be sick first, because you will harvest the results one day. Believe that what you try will never be in vain. Enjoy the process to achieve a more brilliant future.

 It’s okay to look back as a mirror

“Sometimes the meaning of happiness can happen because we see the past and bring it to the future to reflect on our current lives.” – Agnes Davonar

Sometimes, we really need to look back once in a while to be more grateful about what we have got now. A bad past can be a strong motivation to always strive for a better life. When it has reached an increase, look back because you have already advanced one step more than before. It can make you feel happy for what you have got. However, never feel satisfied because you have to keep fighting so that your life will be better.

Do not despair of achieving a good future

“We may be disappointed with what has happened, but never lose hope for a better future.” – Bambang Pamungkas

Experiencing trials is not easy. Sadness, despair and loss of hope often approach someone. However, despite the feelings of sadness you feel, never lose hope to rise to a better life. Actually the spirit in the soul is the most important thing that can encourage you to do something better. What you want will come true if you always have the fighting spirit and endurance against trials.

The source of the future is children

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource, and they are the best hope for the future.” – John F. Kennedy

Children or young people are the biggest asset of a country to achieve a better future. The formed of young people who behave and have a noble character starting from the family. Parents are who will teach the most important role for the next life. If you have children, educate him as well as possible so that he can be an easy generation of achievement. When he can succeed, not only he and his family feel proud, but the country will also be very fortunate to have successful young people. That way, the country will become more advanced than before.

The future will be more beautiful if you focus on the present

“I don’t want to see what can happen in the future. I care about the present. God doesn’t give me control over what can happen in a moment. “- Adolf Hittler

Of course the present and the future have very strong relationships. What happens now will have an impact on life in the future. Many people feel worried about the future so they waste the present. Actually, this kind of thinking is wrong because you should focus on the present to get a better future. Believe that God will give a beautiful future to someone who always takes care of every word and deed in the present. Hard effort will always produce results. Trust me

Eager for the future from now on

“The future starts right now, not tomorrow.” – PYP

Not tomorrow, but now. Yes, if you want to pursue your best future, start now. Never delay what you can do right now. When you postpone something, actually you are very losers because you lose the opportunity to get something beautiful faster. This is also included when you plan for the future. A beautiful future will be realized soon if you reach it early, not later or tomorrow.

Look ahead, the future is in front of you

“Don’t look at the future in the mirror, because all you will see is what’s behind you.” – Bambang Pamungkas

The future isn’t behind you. You better focus on the future so that you will get a beautiful future as you wish. If you check back too often, it’s not the future you see. However, you will see your past. Silence because you are too complacent with the past is not good for your survival. Because, what you have happened cannot be changed. You can fix it with the opportunity to do better in the future. This is the best way to pay for mistakes in the past.

Don’t linger over the past

“Never look back, remember yesterday, smile for the future, tomorrow is a new day.” – Zayn Malik

It’s okay to remember the past. However, do not linger because it can make you drift during these times. Do not fall easily. Even though getting up from a downturn in the past isn’t easy, you have to try to do it. This is all for yourself. Too valuable your life if you have to linger over to think about something that has happened. Everyone must have a mistake. It’s time for you to fix it by preparing for a better future. Prepare to meet a new, more beautiful day than yesterday.

If you want to have a beautiful future, start now

“The future is bought by the present.” – Samuel Johnson

Do you agree with this phrase? That the future is bought by the present, it’s mean that you must be willing to feel the process that is not easy to reach the future. For example, when you try to raise business capital, of course you have to save money. At that time, you must be willing to resist buy the items that you want, even you also have to be willing to resist hunger. However, all the suffering you do will never be in vain. When capital money has been collected, you can start a business. Efforts that are carried out slowly in the right way will give pretty good results even though you have to be willing to turn upside down before you come to success. Therefore, do not waste your time. Prepare your future from now before it’s too late.

The younger generation has a better future

“Young people have minimal experience, because it does not offer the past. Young people offer a future. “- Anies Baswedan

Young people have a greater chance of success than adults. More time is left. Therefore, do not use your youth to do things that are not important. Success at a young age is not impossible. You can do it if you mean it. Young people who can be independent and not rely on parents are examples of a very noble future generation.

Prepare the future as well as possible

“Face the past without regret. Face today with steadfastness and confidence. Prepare the future with a plan that is mature and without worry. “- Hary Tanoesoedibjo

If you have a bad past, remember and be principled not to repeat it. Then, be strong and confident in the present to prepare for a better future. You will not be able to achieve the future without preparation in the present. Make careful planning about what you want to achieve. That way, what you do in the present will be more focused.

Responsibility for the future makes someone wiser

“We become wise not because our past memories, but by responsibility for our future.” – George Bernard Shaw

A person becomes wise not because of his past, but they have a wise attitude due to carrying out their future obligations. If you already have an attitude of responsibility for the future, surely someone will not act carelessly. He also won’t waste the time he has to do useless things. Remember that time will never turn back. Take advantage of today to do everything that is useful for the future.

Determine your future

“The past is the choice we go through, the future is the choice we make.” – Agnes Davonar

You have the opportunity to determine the future. Indeed, someone who is successful in the future is those who make careful planning for what they want to achieve. After careful planning, of course you have to make a strategy about what you have to do to achieve these future goals. Without it, it will be very difficult to get success in the future. Cause discipline and determination are needed in this case.

Always trying to improve the situation for the future

“Don’t punish the future with the past. Because we can always fix the situation “- Tere Liye

Don’t let your future be taken away because of the past you have. Even if you have a bad past, for example you have been a bad person or despicable in the past, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the chance to be a better person. You have the opportunity to change everything as long as the heart is still beating. Do not judge you with relentless regret. Forget the past, reach for the future by slowly improving everything.

Leave everything that is useless for the future

“Whatever doesn’t make you strong and independent in the future, leave it behind.” – Mario Teguh

As someone who wants to get a better future, you must be able to behave well. Many things happen in this life. You also have many choices. Well, the choice is yours. You are free to determine which choices are good and bad according to you. If you see something that has no positive impact on the future that you have planned, you should leave it. Look for everything that can motivate you to achieve more beautiful future goals. You need to increase enthusiasm in the soul because it is undeniable that the spirit of a person experiences ups and downs.

Don’t worry about the future

“Stop worrying about the future, thank you today, and live your best.” – Mario Teguh

The future is not to worry about. If you worry too much about it, it makes it even harder for you to get a bright future. The thing you need to do is be calm and make sure to move forward for the future. Every time what happens you must thank it. With gratitude, you must do everything as well as possible.

Have higher education and quality for the future

“Only education can save the future, without education Indonesia cannot survive.” – Najwa Shihab

Education has a very important role for the realization of the future. For that, prepare yourself to have a quality future. Don’t be bored to continue to get an education. Keep learning until the end of your life. Education will be very useful for you. Of course, someone who is educated will find it easier to achieve what he wants compared to someone who is not educated. Ethics and ways of thinking are also better.

Dream for the future

“The future is a comfortable place to dream.” – Anatole France

Don’t be underestimate dreams. Cause, the dreams can come true. If you have a dream, it becomes an encouragement to get a beautiful future. Many successful people start with the dreams they have. They try hard to realize that what is their dream with effort and struggle that is not easy.

Dare to face the present to achieve a bright future

“The most effective way to achieve a bright future is to face the present boldly and constructively” – Rollo May

Actually, with the courage to face what is happening now, you have tried to achieve a bright future. The present will determine your future. Never be careless in facing any problems that occur at this time. Finish it wisely. No matter how difficult your problem is, never feel discouraged. Rest assured that there are no problems that cannot be overcome properly. You only need a better way and a little longer time to complete it.

Such is the collection of wise words about the future of famous figures. Hopefully you can get wisdom and motivation from these words. Keep trying to reach a brilliant future. Never be bored or tired.

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