Great Spots to Visit in Sanur Bali

By | August 4, 2018

Hello! For you who like to go to Indonesia, you must know about Bali. Yes, this is a place that has so many kinds of beautiful places inside. Then, in Bali, there are some cities that have inviting spots to visit. One of the cities is Sanur. In this city, you can find so many tourist destinations which are peaceful and not too many visitors. Thus, you can spend time and do your lovely activities there enjoyable.

The location of Sanur Bali is easy to find. It is close to the airport of Ngurah Rai. You only need 30 minutes to reach Sanur from that airport. Thus, for you who come from other countries, you can land on the Ngurah Rai airport then find Sanur easily. After you reach Sanur, it is your time to choose the most beautiful spot for refreshing and having fun.

5 most interesting place in Sanur Bali

In Sanur, there are some pleasurable spots for every tourist. The tourist destinations you can visit in this city are such as a garden, lodge, beach, museum, and so on. So, below are the best five of them you can visit.

Big Garden Corner

This is a tourist destination with a garden concept which is so inviting to stay. This garden offers the attractive panorama, beautifully hand-made statues, look of wide fields, and also a place for relaxation. So, this place will be suitable for you and your family or close friends.

Talking about statues in this Big Garden Corner, you can see so many statues there. There are more than six hundred statues you can find. There is also a miniature of Borobudur temple in this place. Thus, the existence of them will give you an attractive look and can be the best area to take photos. For you who are interested in visiting this place, you can go to St. Bypass Ngurah Rai of Sanur Bali. It is the location of the Big Garden Corner.

Dolphin Lodge Bali

For you who like to see dolphins and play with them, this place is the right choice for you. To find this place, you can go to St. Tirta Empul of Pantai Mertasari. After you arriving there, be ready to get an amazing look since many dolphins will welcome your visit.

In this place, you will have a chance to swim and have fun with dolphins. So, you can try to interact with them. While playing with many dolphins, we are sure that you will be satisfied. You can do it for 40 minutes. It can be a long time to play in the water with those unique and smart animals, right? Then, you do not need to be worried about sink into the water since the water is shallow.

Segara Ayu Beach

Who doesn’t like a beach? We know that most people like a beach and the situation in it. If you love spending time and doing activities at a beach, this place can be the best choice when you go to Sanur. This beach is located on Banjar Taman, Sanur. The precise location is St. Pantau Segara Ayu. So, just come to this beach and have fun there.

There is a good side you need to know from this beach. It is the white sand. Yes, Segara Ayu beach has white sand because it is on the same line with Sanur and Matahari Terbit Beach. Hence, if you like to play on the white sand, just come to this beach located at Banjar Taman and enjoy your day.

Then, the situation around this beach is interesting. There are often many local or foreign tourist come to this beach in the morning or afternoon. However, this place usually gets more visitors in the morning. It can happen because most of them want to watch the sunrise. So, that is why it is more crowded in the morning than in the afternoon.

Le Mayeur Museum

The fourth place which is interesting to visit in Sanur is Le Mayeur Museum. It is a great museum that exists in Sanur, even in Bali. The location is on Pantai Sanur, precisely at St. Hang Tuah. It is easy to find.

In this museum, you can find the show of many arts of painting. Almost all paintings in this place are so attractive and beautiful. It can be so because the paintings there are created by the great painter, Le Mayeur. That is why the museum is named Le Mayeur Museum.

Talking about Le Mayeur, we will tell you about the short identity of him. His full name is Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres. He is a legend of a popular painter from Belgia that stay in Sanur. It happened 26 years in Bali. He married the local girl named Ni Polok. He often made his wife as a model of his painting. Besides, he also painted some other things. With his talent, finally, he could send his paintings to the museum that can be enjoyed by everyone.

In addition, this museum contains about 88 pieces of Le Mateur’s paintings. So, for you who like paintings and want to take a look, just visit this museum.

Dream Island Bali

This place can be the most favorite area to take photos or selfie. It can be so because this place provides many nice spots to take photos. That why there are so many photographers who like to keep their special moment in this place by taking some photos.

In relation to taking photos, there are some best views you can use as the background of your photos. They are a bridge, exotic view of dry trees, a row of trees on the coastline, and a trip of riding a camel. You go to those spots and get your best photos there.

Well, that is all we can share with you about interesting places to visit in Sanur Bali. Hopefully, it can be a good information for you related to some tourist destinations in Sanur Bali. Have a good trip with your family or friends in this part of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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