Be Ware! Get to Know Heart Attack Symptons to Save You From Death

By | August 7, 2018

A heart attack is one of the most scaring diseases that can make people die suddenly. Thus, you should be careful of it. This disease can come suddenly. However, it does not always happen in a sudden. There are some symptoms you can recognize that can lead to a heart attack. The symptoms of heart attack may be different for men, women and old people as well. So, in this case, you should be careful when you get some symptoms of a heart attack.

Talking about heart attack, the National Institute of Health (NIH) gets discovery about women that get a heart attack. There are 95% of women that get a heart attack after experiencing some symptoms in a week and month. The attack is not painful for them so that it is not recognized. So, don’t let the attack happen to you.


Symptoms of heart attack that you should consider

Considering that the symptom of heart attack is not only a painful feeling, we will share with you ten symptoms of heart attack. So, here are some symptoms that can lead to a heart attack.

Get disturbance of digestion or queasy

Two symptoms of a heart attack which people usually ignore are to be queasy and feel unwell in the stomach. The symptoms may come from the light digestion problem to hard queasy, cramp, and vomiting. Besides, there are some people who experience cramps above the navel. So, for you who feel these symptoms, it is better for you to consult the doctor.

Get painful around the chin, neck, or shoulder

When you feel pain to round your chin, neck or shoulder, you have to be careful of it. It may indicate a symptom of heart attack. The symptom that seems painful can happen in the area of neck or shoulder. Also, it can happen in the chin to ear.

Several women say that they feel pain around the shoulder bone. The pain seems like the pulling of the muscles, but it comes and goes. It does not happen continuously. So, there is no signal shows the serious problem. Then, the pain can happen in the neck today. The next day, it doesn’t happen. After that, the pain may come to the ear or chin. If you feel this symptom, it is better for you to be careful and see the doctor for consultation.

The sexual dysfunction

The fourth symptom of heart attack is the sexual dysfunction. When a man has an artery problem, he will be difficult in achieving the erection. That is why the factor which causes a heart attack and can be related to the sexual dysfunction is the artery constriction. By this condition, the artery will be broken down easily.

The excessive fatigue

When you feel tired which is so excessive and it happens in a few days, you should be careful. It is caused that since it becomes other symptoms of heart problems. You can see the research in NIH last year. More than 70% of women have an extreme fatigue in a few weeks or months before getting a heart attack.

In this case, you must be able to differentiate between a usual and extraordinary fatigue. It means that if you are an energetic person and you get exhaustion spontaneously, what will you do? You have to consult it with your doctor as soon as possible.

Difficult to sleep, insomnia, and worried

The fifth symptom of hearth problem is difficult to sleep, having insomnia, and also feeling worried. In a fact, it is one of the problems which are not easy to explain by the medic. People who ever have a heart attack often get a difficulty in their sleeping. It happens spontaneously and it cannot be guessed in a few weeks or months ago before getting a heart attack. So, you must be careful with the symptoms above.

On the other hand, this kind of symptoms is difficult to differentiate with usual insomnia. That is why it is better and important for you to consult with your doctor.

Breathing problem and have a headache

If your heart does not get enough blood, it means that it does not get enough oxygen. It will make you difficult to breathe. Then, another symptom is having a headache. It is proved by the research a year ago. It says that more than 40% woman which are the victims of a heart attack admit that they have those symptoms above before.

Pulse beat and heart tapping are too fast

The next symptom of a heart attack which you have to know is that the pulse beat and heart tapping are too fast. In this case, there is one of the symptoms which have known by some people. However, it can start a heart attack. It is called takikardia ventricle.

This symptom is often shown with the pulse beat and the heart tapping which are too fast and not regularly. You will feel your heart tap too fast and hard. It can happen for a while or even for a long time. If you feel it for a long time, you possibly have a headache and faint.

Symptom like flu

If you have some symptoms like your skin is wet, have sweat, feeling headache, and tired, many people say that you have flu. Please, don’t believe it! Why can it be like that? Well, it is because the symptoms above are the heart attack symptoms. Additionally, you will feel tight on your chest.

Swollen or painful feet

If your feet are swollen or painful, it can be the symptom of a heart attack. When the muscle of your heart does not have a good function, it can affect the swollen on your feet. Actually, it is usually started from the feet and then the circle of feet. It is like that because the area of feet is furthest.

Feel like not herself or himself

What does it mean? Well, a heart attack in some people who are 80 years old can show other health problem. According to the experience of the family of heart attack victim, the victim looks like not herself or himself.

Well, guys, that’s all the useful explanation about 10 symptoms of a heart attack. Many experts suggest you be careful to all the heart attack symptoms above. And don’t forget to consult your doctor relating to your health frequently.


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