14 Destination in Labuan Bajo that will Make You Amazed

By | August 8, 2018

Recently, many people talked about Labuan Bajo tours and travel, because of their extraordinary beauty. Labuan Bajo itself is a small town that is mostly inhabited by fishermen who are in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia). Although the area is small, the city is the administrative center of the capital of West Manggarai Regency. In addition, Labuan Bajo is also famous as a center for trade, education and tourism. Here, you will find many interesting tourist attractions that will make your holiday so memorable for life. So don’t be surprised if Labuan Bajo becomes the most crowded tourism center on Flores.

The Uniqueness of Labuan Bajo

It is not surprise if Labuan Bajo is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially in the eastern region. Apart from offering amazing places to visit, this city also has its own uniqueness, namely;

Multi-storey port city

Yes, Labuan Bajo is a fishing town. Here there is a unique port with a terraced shape where the uniqueness comes from the beach that is not too wide but with a broader plain above. Unique, right? Only in Labuan Bajo is there a port model like this.

Surrounded by beautiful, uninhabited small islands

If you travel to Labuan Bajo, you will be treated to a variety of natural beauty that is able to hypnotize the eyes of anyone who stares, including the uninhabited, super exotic islands. This certainly adds to the attraction for Labuan Bajo as the center of tourism.

City is safe and criminal

For the first time to explore eastern Indonesia, there is no need to worry about security. The city of Labuan Baju is a safe city, because so far there has never been any news or cases of complaints of crime (or a few reported). So calm down, you can enjoy your vacation to the maximum.

Aside from being a tourist center that is a pity to miss when on vacation to eastern Indonesia, Labuan Bajo is also referred to as a stopover for travelers who will visit Komodo Island, one of Indonesia’s most famous and global islands. Because of this factor, Labuan Bajo developed rapidly so that many tourist spots emerged which began to be managed properly as tourist destinations, both for local and international tourists.

List of the Most Favorite Attractions in Labuan Bajo The “Must” Visit

For those of you who intend to enjoy a vacation in this tourist area, here are some of the tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo and the surrounding of the most favorite and frequently visited because it offers amazing interesting tour;

Komodo island

Komodo Island is the most famous tourist spot of Labuan Bajo because it has a big attraction. His name has become global, so it’s no wonder that this tourist spot is a favorite tourist destination for local and world tourists. As the name implies, on this island you can see at close range the wild life of a giant ancient animal called Komodo.

Usually dragons will be more easily found outside the mating season. The peak Komodo mating season is in July-August, where during the mating season it will usually tend to disappear to mate. The fact that the Komodo dragons live wild also makes it difficult for tourists to meet this ancient animal. According to one of the officers who used to accompany tourists to explore the island, the current Komodo dragon population consists of 1,337 on Komodo Island, 1473 on Rinca Island, 4 on Padar Island, 90 on Gilimotang Island, and 80 on Nusakode Island. In addition to Komodo, there are also small yellow crested cockatoos as closely monitored animals because of the decreasing number of population.

In addition to the opportunity to witness the life of Komodo, you will also be invited to a healthy nature tour by trekking through the forest while climbing hills. Take it easy, you can choose trekking routes according to the ability of each traveler, starting from short track, medium track and long track. Komodo Island forest is a forest that is overgrown with acidic trees, palm trees, bidara, gebang and others.

Rinca Island

In addition to Komodo Island, there are other islands that will give you an exciting experience seeing the wild life of dragons. The island is called Rinca Island. Even on this island, there are 3 choices of tracks that you can choose, namely short, medium and long track. When compared to Komodo Island, Rinca Island has more challenging terrain and track tracks and longer trekking. In addition, the island area is more dominated by exotic savannahs, while Komodo Island is dominated by forests.

Padar Island

Padar Island is not far from Rinca Island. Both were separated by the Leech Strait. On this island there is a hill that from that height you can enjoy the natural beauty around the island which is beautiful with the blue sea that amazes the eyes. In addition, here is the best spot to enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise. The name Padar Island is famous since 2014. From that moment on, many tourists have been arrived. In addition to enjoying the exoticism of Padar Island, some of them specifically chose the hill on Padar Island as a pre-wedding photo background. The result? Of course cool and instagramable!

Kalong Island

There are several tourist spots of Labuan Bajo that present a very stunning natural scenery, especially at sunset or sunset. Kalong Island is one of the places that must be visited if you want to get the best spot for sunset hunting. People named it Kalong Island (Kalong in Indonesian means bat), because of this island is a residence for many bats or also called kalong.

Kalong Island is about 8 Km from Labuan Bajo Port and can be reached within 1 hour. For those of you who are interested in enjoying the exoticism of this island, come at 6 o’clock Indonesian Eastern Time (WIT). This time is the best moment to uncover all the charms of Kalong Island, namely sunset and thousands of bats that adorn the sky.

Kelor Island

In addition to some of the islands mentioned above, Kelor Island is also one of the favorite islands to visit in the Labuan Bajo tourist area. The island offers coral and coral charm that is very tempting. Like Padar Island, on this island there is also a hill which is the best spot to enjoy the views of the sea and the surrounding islands. Although the height of the hill on the island is not as high as the hill on Padar Island, the hill of Pulau Kelor is still presenting charming tourist charm. Recommended also for those of you who are looking for a location for pre-wedding photos.

Goat Island

Labuan Bajo tourism is dominated by beautiful small islands. Goat Island is one of them. Although the area is very small, it still has charm and features. For those of you who like water sports, Goat Island is a tourist destination that must be visited. Why? Because here is a paradise for tourists who want to satisfy their hobbies they will have fun snorkeling. Besides that, you can swim in the sea or just laze around the beach enjoying your vacation.

His name is indeed Goat Island. But that does not mean like Kalong Island, where there are thousands of bats, no! There is no goat on Kambing Island at all. Instead, the island offers fantastic underwater natural beauty and a pity if you miss it.

Batu Cermin Cave

Labuan Bajo tourist spot named Guna Batu Cermin is still in the city, so it’s easy to access it. You can reach this tourist spot by bicycle, motorbike and car. What’s interesting here? As the name implies, Batu Cermin Cave is a cave with a view of the form of stalactites and stalagmites that you can find in many aisles with the length of each corridor reaching 200 meters.

In addition to these two attractions, in the Batu Cermin Cave you will also be treated to exotic views of the sunlight coming into the cave through a hole, then bouncing on a stone wall. As if the reflection reflected a small light to another area in the cave like a mirror. That is why this cave is called Batu Cermin Cave.

From this cave a fact was then revealed that Flores was once located under the sea, because of a number of parts of the cave there were fossils of marine animals such as corals, fish and turtles attached. After being studied by an archaeologist who was also a Dutch priest, it turned out to be true that the Mirror Stone Cave had been on the seabed for thousands of years.

Bukit Cinta

From the name alone it’s tempting. Bukit Cinta is one of the attractions in Labuan Bajo that is still in the area of the city. So it’s clear if the access is easy. Both motorcycles, bicycles and cars, all vehicles can be used as a means of transportation to this tourist spot. The distance is really close to the city, which only takes 5 minutes to get to Bukit Cinta.

Bukit Cinta is one of the most favorite tourist destinations around the city of Labuan Bajo, because this is where one of the best spots to get a sunset moment complete with the charm of natural scenery in the form of sea and small islands around it. The perfect spot anyway!

Lake Sano Nggoang via Golo Dewa Peak

The area of Lake Sano Nggoang is 513 meters with a depth of 500 meters. That is why this lake is the largest volcanic lake in eastern Indonesia. If you want to enjoy the beauty offered by this Labuan Bajo natural tourist spot, come to Golo Dewa Peak. This is where the best place to see the views of Lake Sano Nggoang and its surroundings.

To reach the location of Golo Dewa Peak, you need a trip of approximately 45-60 minutes from Kampung Nunang. Not only the charm mesmerizing a volcanic lake that you will get in this tourist spot, but also the diversity of fauna. Precisely in the forest which is located to the east of Lake Sano Nggoang is a place to live for various types of fauna, which is about 90 species of the fourth bird of this number is a type of endemic Flores.

Rangko Cave

Labuan Bajo is like a natural tourist paradise. Besides beaches, islands and hills, here you will also find the most beautiful cave named Gua Rangko. So named because this cave is in Rangko Village. There are two choices of ways to be able to enjoy the beauty of this charming cave, namely the land and sea lanes. Even so, it takes extra struggle if you use the land route. Therefore, by sea is the best route to reach tourist attractions. By renting a boat from Labuan Bajo, you can immediately reach the Rangko Cave.

Cunca Wulang Waterfall

Not far from Labuan Bajo there is also a natural tourist spot in the form of a waterfall called Cunca Wulang. You could say that this Cunca Wulang Waterfall is a green canyon in Labuan Bajo, because the topography is similar to the green canyon Indonesia in Pangandara. In addition to the stunning topography with turquoise blue water colors, here also there are 5-meter-high cliffs that you can make a spot for rock climbing. Exciting! To be able to reach the natural attractions of Labuan Bajo, you need to travel about 2 hours.

To be able to get to and enjoy Labuan Bajo’s natural tourism, you can rent a motorbike or car. Arriving at Wersama Village, you need to continue the trip and also rent a guide at a rate of Rp.50,000. In addition to jumping from a cliff height, you can swim under a waterfall that will give you an amazingly fresh and pleasant sensation of course.

Cunca Rami Waterfall

Almost the same as previous natural attractions, Cunca Rami is also the name of a waterfall around Labuan Bajo. Travel routes to this tourist destination are also in line with Cunca Wulang. The path is quite long and challenging, so you need a little effort to be able to enjoy the charm of the beauty of this waterfall. For you lovers of nature adventure, this route will give you an exciting and fun impression.

Wae Rebo

Not only offers fantastic natural scenery, in Labuan Bajo you can also find cultural attractions named Wae Rebo. It is indeed not easy to be able to reach the village above the sky which is full of culture and local wisdom of the Manggarai Flores community. To be able to get here, you have to do uphill trekking for more than 3 hours. That can be said as a struggle because in the end if you succeed in conquering the trekking, in front of you will be unfolded a unique and exotic scenery in the form of a traditional house surrounded by natural scenery one hundred percent beautiful!

Peak of Mount Mbeliling

Do you like to enjoy the beauty of nature and its adventures? The peak of Mount Mbeliling is the right tourist destination to go. The peak of Mount Mbeliling is one of the highest peaks in Labuan Bajo, with an altitude reaching 1,250 meters above sea level. In this spot you can set up a tent for camping. Not only camping, here you can trekking and if you are lucky you can watch various types of birds, including 2 species of birds endemic to Flores, namely Serindit and Gagak Flores.

Route to Labuan Bajo Tourism

Labuan Bajo can be reached through several routes or routes, namely;


If you choose this route, your destination is Komodo Airport. The air airport has a runway of 2,200 meters and can accommodate as many as 700 passengers. This path is the best choice for those who want to quickly get to and enjoy the tourist spots of Labuan Bajo.

Sea lanes

Labuan Bajo is an archipelago, so to reach Labuan Bajo tourism you need to sail by boat or boat, especially to be able to enjoy the small islands around Labuan Bajo.


If you want to save more budget, you can use the sea lane to reach Labuan Bajo. However, this pathway has a very long travel time of 5 to 6 days. In Laboan Bajo there is a car rental place that you can use to explore tourist attractions around the city of Labuan Bajo.

These three lanes are suitable for those of you who want to explore Labuan Bajo with backpackers. If you don’t want to bother thinking about travel and other things related to tourism, you can choose the Labuan Bajo tour package that is offered by tourism agents.

There are a lot of number Labuan Bajo tours that is indeed not possible if you can visit and enjoy everything in a few days. For this reason you need to prepare priority goals. Or do you want to explore everything? Can. At least it takes several days or even weeks. Want?

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